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Are you an entrepreneur who has spent the last many years building your business, and have now come into significant wealth?

Having significant wealth, especially wealth that results from the sale of your business, creates challenges, especially for entrepreneurs who might not have come from the world of finance. 

Sure, you might know how to build a business, understand marketing, sales, leadership, HR, and all of the other facets of building a successful and thriving business.  BUT, that certainly doesn’t make you an expert in all of the facets of managing money.

Building a profitable and growing business is quite different from dealing with life post-sale.

  • Do you open another company? 
  • Perhaps invest in private equity or become an angel investor?
  • What are your next goals?
  • Do you work with a financial advisor? If so, who? Or, do you manage your assets on your own?
  • Do you have an asset allocation strategy?
  • Have you considered the legal, tax, and accounting implications?
  • How about philanthropy?
  • Family involvement?

Dealing with the above is not a one-time exercise.  It’s ongoing.

The world of finance and wealth management is constantly moving and changing, and you need to adapt along with it. Same with life.

Navigating the above can be lonely.

And that’s why we created ICE, the Investment Council for Entrepreneurs.

We are a peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs who have amassed significant wealth.  We are all dealing with these issues. We meet regularly, bring in guest speakers, and discuss wealth and life challenges.

What to expect?

ICE is a not-for-profit network run by entrepreneurs. ICE will always be not-for-profit. Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs and to educate them on wealth management. 

There are no fees to join ICE, at least for now. There are fees for dinners, and perhaps for other one-time initiatives like conferences, and possibly speakers.

Our only chapter is in Toronto, at least for now. 

We usually meet on the third Thursday of every month at 4:30 pm at a meeting spot in downtown Toronto. We bring in a guest speaker, followed by drinks, dinner and discussion from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.

New members are welcome.

Membership is open to high net worth individuals defined as someone with a net worth of $20 million or more in Canadian dollars.  Assets can include investments, cash, funds from a trust, investment real estate, and other legal structures. It may not include your home for personal use, or the capital of an owned or substantially owned company. 

Living Life Beyond Money. Money Can’t Buy Happiness 

Wealth management is one of the topics we discuss.  It is not our only and primary focus. We are always aware that life’s circumstances are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and that transcends money.  We’ll discuss things like: should you open another company? How about philanthropy? How do you discuss wealth with your family and children? Travel? What gives you peace of mind? What are your life goals? And how can you live a healthy and balanced life?

There are no right answers to the above questions and issues, but, we can all learn from one another.

To qualify for ICE, your business should be a large contributing factor in your wealth creation.

The ICE Board of Directors:

Jeff Wiener Jeff Wiener: 

ICE was founded by Jeff Wiener. Jeff is an entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies, real estate investor, board member, and investor.  More info on Jeff can be found here, and on LinkedIn here.



MIchael GarbeMichael Garbe: 

Michael is a serial entrepreneur specializing in enterprise networking solutions. He founded Accelerated Connections in 2000 and recently exited to NYSE: GTT in March 2018 with over $50M in sales. With a passion for connecting people, he was a founding member of PeerScale (formally AceTech) and the Canadian Network Operators Consortium. More information on Michael can be found here.


Xerxes WaniaXerxes Wania:

Serial Entrepreneur, now focusing on purpose and living a fulfilling life. Designing and making furniture, training dogs, and spending quality time with the family while enjoying the outdoors. More info on Xerxes can be found here.




Lori D’Agostino

Lori D’Agostino is a seasoned event producer with over two decades of experience producing events for corporate, government, and professional clients in Canada and the U.S. When it comes to event planning Lori has a knack for seeing through the clutter and understanding what truly matters. She is adept at managing multiple moving pieces and moving the whole team forward with a calm demeanor that understates the true amount of work and passion she puts into every moment of every event. More info on Lori can be found on LinkedIn here.



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