Frequently Asked Questions

Q. ICE is not-for-profit. Are there plans to turn this into a commercial venture at some point in the future?

A. ICE is not-for-profit and will always be. There is a small yearly membership fee that covers meal expenses and the costs to run the organization.

Q. Does ICE sell my data to other sponsors or organizations?
A. No individual membership data will ever be provided. We take our confidentially very seriously, and no personal information will ever be provided without your consent.
Q. Do you have to sign anything prior to joining ICE?
A. Yes, every member must sign a confidentiality agreement before coming to their first meeting.
Q. How is my membership to ICE screened?
A. Each member will fill out an application form and will have an interview with one or two current ICE Members.
Q. Do I have to talk about my money?
A. You don’t have to discuss anything you’re not comfortable discussing, and you can reveal as much as, or as little as you feel comfortable revealing,. We do encourage you to discuss your views, wealth and life experiences, and to participate in the discussions.
Q. Does ICE recommend service providers?
A. For now, no, however, we are open to accepting a couple of sponsors to help defray some of the operating expenses. All sponsors will be screened for suitability, however, it is each members responsibility to do their own due diligence prior to working with any sponsor.
Q. Are all ICE members sophisticated investors?
A. Absolutely not. We’re all entrepreneurs working through the investment and finance world, and we all have something to learn from one another. The atmosphere should always be friendly, open, and engaging.
Q. Is there a dress code?
A. There is no formal dress code, but, if you want to play it safe, business casual will suffice.
Q. Who founded ICE?
A. ICE was founded by Jeff Wiener and is now run by Jeff and a committee of volunteers.

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